What you need to know about sending a parcel to a pre-trial detention center via Russian Post

Despite the fact that in a pre-trial detention center a prisoner must be provided with everything necessary in accordance with the norms established by law, in practice these norms only allow him to survive. Those in pre-trial detention are often deprived of the most necessary food products. Therefore, it is important to help a relative who finds himself in a pre-trial detention center, not only morally, but also by donating permitted products.

However, transfer to a pre-trial detention center takes into account a number of requirements and within the established procedure. You need to know the nuances of collecting a parcel for a prisoner and the procedure for transferring it.

Rules for transfer to pre-trial detention center established for 2022

Each pre-trial detention center has its own delivery point. The work schedule of this point is also set individually. As a rule, the reception point is not open every day. Therefore, before transferring products, you need to find out his work schedule. There you can also find a list of products allowed for transfer.

In all pre-trial detention centers there are long queues for the transfer of food, so you need to arrive early and be prepared to stand in line for an hour.

The standards for accepting parcels and deliveries establish that products can be sent no more than once a month in amounts up to 30 kg. Based on this limitation, it is important to correctly compose the package so that the prisoner receives the most necessary products in sufficient quantities.

Upon receiving delivery, all products will be inspected and placed in transparent plastic bags. Therefore, it is better to throw away all boxes and opaque bags in advance to make inspection easier and faster. This requirement even applies to cigarettes. They should not be stored in bundles. Cigarettes should be placed in bulk in a transparent bag.

Detention center officers inspecting the transfer are even allowed to break some foods and cigarettes if they believe that prohibited items may be hidden there.

You can simplify and even avoid detailed inspection if you purchase a significant part of the products directly on the territory of the pre-trial detention center.

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