Conditions of detention of persons imprisoned in a pre-trial detention center (SIZO)

What are the conditions of detention in the pre-trial detention center? Offenders under investigation or accused during a trial are usually held in pre-trial detention centers (temporary detention centers). People are often kept in pre-trial detention centers after the trial and sentencing, in cases where the offender has filed an appeal. People who have never been to establishments of this kind have many questions regarding the comfort of their stay.

The rules and conditions of stay in a pre-trial detention center are the same for all prisoners.

Relatives of those who ended up in a temporary detention center for the first time are interested in:

  • Is it possible to transfer the fan;
  • Is it possible to use a mobile phone?
  • what they feed;
  • what can be conveyed in the program, etc.

Some questions can be answered immediately: “it is prohibited to use a fan in a pre-trial detention center” and “prisoners are not allowed to use mobile phones.” Answers to other questions about the lives of people in custody are not so obvious and will take some time.

Life in a pre-trial detention center

For many people accused of committing crimes, preliminary isolation has become the most difficult test, since the number of restrictions in temporary detention centers far exceeds the number of restrictions in a colony or prison. The inability to get a fan from home on hot summer days and the inability to contact loved ones at any time are not the biggest problems.

Staying in custody can rightfully be called a test of will for those imprisoned in isolation wards. The pre-trial detention center houses men, women and teenagers starting from a certain age. It should immediately be noted that comfort for women and teenagers is much greater than for men. In any case, there are no restrictions.

Cells in special regime colonies

Since correctional institutions of this type are intended to house especially dangerous criminals sentenced to life imprisonment, there are no “dormitories” here. Cells in special regime prisons have a maximum of four people, many are double. Persons who pose a potential threat to the life and health of their cellmates are kept in solitary confinement. To ensure the safety of personnel, all cells in special regime colonies are separated from the door by an additional metal grill. A standard room for four prisoners is furnished with two 2-tier beds and a cabinet between them.

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