Illegal poker business
How to raise money: the history of gambling in Russia
It is human nature to love easy money. Which of us would refuse the opportunity to
Fake SMS from unknown numbers posing as banks
Production of bank cards: article and responsibility under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
With the development of means of communication and communications of people, the possibilities for making payments have greatly expanded, and
economic crimes of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation articles
Chapter 22 of the Criminal Code about the peculiarities of initiating criminal cases for crimes in the economic sphere
Balanced economic relations are the basis for the development of society and the state. The function of their protection is assigned to
attempted drug trafficking
Attempted drug trafficking - defense against illegal charges
One of the most common categories of crimes in Russia are drug-related criminal acts.
internet fraud
How to protect yourself from online fraud and what to do if you have already lost your money - analysis of 19 deception schemes
For several months I studied the topic of Internet fraud in order to collect the most complete list of actions
Can going to court qualify as fraud?
Fraudulent activities are common these days. Fraud can be proven by collecting evidence,
Fraud complaint
Sample application to the prosecutor's office regarding fraud, how to correctly write a complaint against a fraudster and get your money back
From time immemorial, there are people who dream of taking possession of other people's property in an easy way, by gaining trust
Cash withdrawal and types of responsibilities for carrying it out
The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation does not have an article directly regulating the responsibility of citizens for illegal transactions in
Is it difficult to prove fraud?
What should I do if I repaid the debt but didn’t take the receipt?
Almost every person is familiar with situations when problems arise with debt repayment. Even if on
What is it and how to prove business fraud?
Cases where a banal failure to fulfill a contract is regarded by law enforcement agencies as fraud in business activities, on
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