Trial by jury (assignment of punishment when the jury's verdict is lenient) - comments from a Federal Judge / MIP Law Group
MIP online legal encyclopedia - » Criminal cases - comments from a Federal Judge / Law Group
Inspection (concept, types, grounds and procedural order)
From inspection to inspection Let's start with the concept of “inspection”: this is a visual examination of only those parts
Free legal consultation
Negligence of doctors: how to prove and where to complain
Holding doctors accountable for negligence under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is a rather difficult task.
Qualification of crimes. Author24 - online exchange of student work
Qualification of crimes and issues of judicial interpretation
Basics of qualification of crimes Definition 1 Qualification of a crime is an accurate criminal legal assessment of a specific social
State of passion and its impact on responsibility in criminal cases
State of passion and its impact on responsibility in criminal cases
1. Murder committed in a state of sudden strong emotional excitement (affect) caused by violence, bullying
Nuclear Security: Stability Measures and Nuclear Technologies
Criminal liability for crimes in the sphere of interpersonal relations
Military personnel are brought to criminal liability for committing a crime provided for by the criminal legislation of the Russian Federation. Article
Illegal migration: responsibility for organization, methods of counteraction
Tweet In practice, law enforcement officials have many questions regarding prosecution for crimes committed
The court and its role in criminal proceedings.
The court and its role in criminal proceedings. The adversarial criminal process is characterized by the preservation of public
"White Swan"
To break thieves in law. Solikamsk prison "White Swan"
In 1996, the death penalty was abolished in Russia, and now criminals who have shown cruelty are imprisoned
What is extremism?
Article 282.1. Organization of an extremist community
The Constitution of the Russian Federation gives us the right to equality. Regardless of your religious beliefs, social
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