What criminal liability is provided for simple murder?
The boundaries of this concept have changed throughout the development of mankind, and with it
Liability for domestic battery due to the law decriminalizing violence between relatives
Both administrative and criminal liability can be established for battery. Much depends on
Torture: Article 117 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
Bringing to criminal liability under Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
Human cruelty is not subject to time, the development of civilization, or the spread of tolerance. Despite everything and
How to remove beatings and where to turn for help if beaten
How to remove beatings, where should you go to record them?
There are often situations when it is necessary to know where beatings can be recorded in order to punish the criminal. Not
Complaint to the guardianship and trusteeship authorities: responsibility for filing, filing procedure
Guardianship and trusteeship authorities Before understanding the possibility of contacting the guardianship authorities, it is necessary
Invited to court as a juror: pros and cons, how much they pay and how to refuse
The idea of ​​this form of legal proceedings was first brought up for discussion back in the time of Catherine.
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Free telephone number of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs hotline
Government agencies › Helpline of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia - consultation by phone of the police Ministry of Internal Affairs
The Supreme Court explained in which disputes they pay for moral damage
The fact of causing bodily harm is a sufficient basis for satisfying a claim for compensation for moral damage.
acts of a sexual nature
Violent acts of a sexual nature: article, punishment
In our country, the category of sexual crimes has come a long and difficult path. Of course, the most common
Forgery of a signature in an employment contract is an employee's responsibility
Confirmation of the crime is considered both in written and material form. Wherein,
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