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The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has organized a toll-free hotline, by calling which you can consult on issues of offenses, as well as leave your proposal on the work of departments.

  1. Hotline - free police phone number
  2. Contacts: send an appeal, social networks, official website
  3. Comments and suggestions

The appeal is recorded by technical means, registered and submitted for consideration to the relevant services. Calls to the line are not anonymous. When applying, citizens must provide information about themselves: full name, residential address and contact telephone number.

A helpline, unlike a hotline, is by definition anonymous. Keep this in mind when, while talking on a helpline, you are asked to introduce yourself, but you would not want this.

Traffic police services Checking fines, drivers, cars

Registration of a foreign passport

State service for registration and issuance of passports of citizens of the Russian Federation, identifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation outside the territory of the Russian Federation.

Issuance of a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

State service for issuing and replacing a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, identifying the identity of a citizen of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Your local police officer/department

Issuance of a residence permit

Reasons for contacting

The grounds for a complaint against the police may vary. Police officers are officials who work according to certain standards, therefore Russian legislation provides for measures aimed at protecting citizens from the arbitrariness of the police. Let's look at the main reasons for complaints:

  • Failure to comply with the charter;
  • Conducting an inspection or search without a permit;
  • Insult;
  • Unreasonable use of force;
  • Unlawful detention;
  • Inaction of police officers.

If you were subjected to unlawful actions by police officers, then the question arises of where to file a complaint against the actions of the police. In this case, you can contact the following authorities:

  • Judicial authorities;
  • Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation;
  • Department of Internal Security;
  • The police department in which the employee works;
  • Complain by calling the hotline.

Let's look at the process of filing a complaint about police work with each of the above authorities.

Is it possible to submit an anonymous message?

In accordance with the Instructions on the procedure for receiving and registering applications and reports of crimes, administrative offenses and incidents, approved in November 2014, anonymous reports of unlawful acts are not subject to registration.


However, this does not apply to information about a planned or completed terrorist act - such anonymous reports are registered by the police.

The fact is that previously the police very often received anonymous reports, which, based on the results of the check, turned out to be false. To minimize the percentage of such statements, registration of anonymous requests was stopped.

It should also be remembered here that persons whose information contains false denunciation or slander are punished in accordance with Articles 306 and 128.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Now such statements will not be in vain for any of the “false informers.”

Complaint to the police department

How to complain about a notary?

Where can I complain about noisy neighbors?

How to draw up and file a complaint against a bailiff's order?

Where to complain about doctors?

How to write a collective complaint against neighbors?

How to complain about poor heating in an apartment?

The easiest way to file a complaint is to contact the police. In this case, complaints are divided into two types:

  • Oral;
  • Written.

You can complain orally about the work of the police to a responsible officer or a senior officer, but it should be understood that verbal complaints, as a rule, do not give the desired result.

A written statement is quite simple and entails more serious consequences. The form of this complaint is extremely simple. In the upper right corner you need to write to whom and from whom the complaint was sent, below you need to describe the complaints about the police work and at the very end indicate the date and signature.

It is necessary to contact the police station if the violation can be classified as minor.

When can you complain?

You can complain about police officers for almost any reason, since they are officials and are required to work according to certain standards. You can file a complaint in the following cases:

  • The police officer does not address you in a formal manner (does not give your name and rank, does not present his identification);
  • A police officer insults you;
  • The policeman demands your documents without reason;
  • A police officer conducts a search or search without permission;
  • A police officer uses force against you without justification;
  • A police officer extorts money from you;
  • The policeman detained you illegally.

Unfortunately, the average citizen may encounter any of these unpleasant situations. In this regard, it is worth understanding that you need to fight for your rights. And the best way is to file complaints.

Submitting a complaint to the CSS

The most effective option is to file a claim with the CSS. The complaint is made in free form and it is necessary to indicate information about yourself, about the police officer and describe the violation itself. It is possible to submit both in person and by mail. It is also necessary to take a receipt stating that a claim was filed for subsequent proof of contact with the CSS.

There are cases when CSS ignores requests for unknown reasons. Taking into account this fact, there is a need to duplicate the appeal and send a copy of your complaint to the prosecutor's office, notifying the CSS. In this case, your application will be considered without fail, since it will be monitored by another government body.


If no other ways to achieve justice help, then only the court will help you. To begin proceedings in your case, file a statement of claim. It is absolutely identical to the complaint to the prosecutor's office (except for the title - it does not indicate the responsible person). Once your statement has been prepared and submitted, the court will notify the police that proceedings will begin.

Please note that in court proceedings, police officers face significantly more serious penalties than civilians, since they have official powers that not only give them rights, but also impose a lot of responsibilities on them. However, if you decide to sue a police officer, be sure to enlist the support of a lawyer who specializes in disputes with government services.

Complaint to the Russian Prosecutor's Office

The Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation supervises compliance with the law and has influence on all government bodies. The complaint to the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation has a strictly defined form and is divided into three parts.

The title must contain the name and address of the prosecutor's office and the full name of the head. Information about the citizen who is filing the complaint, his full name, residential address and contacts.

The main part includes a description of the violation and information about the employee who committed it. A list of employee violations and a list of requirements for the prosecutor’s office and their justification.

The third part should include documents that may later serve as evidence of a violation, the signature of the applicant and the date of the application.

Where can you complain about the police?

Of course, there can be no question of any respect for your rights, but it is possible, and even necessary, to combat this sad state of affairs by filing complaints. The work of a police officer must comply with certain standards in compliance with regulations and order.

Therefore, your complaint may relate to any violation of these standards. The most common cases are given in the following list: Violations can be minor (police rudeness, for example) or quite serious (violence, physical or sexual). In these cases, you need to contact different authorities.

One cannot turn a blind eye to the arbitrariness and permissiveness of the police - therefore, it is necessary to complain to various authorities.

Complaint via hotline

If you are unable to submit an application in writing, you can use the hotline. The phone works 24 hours a day and calls are completely free. The advantages of this method of filing an application include the fact that all conversations on the hotline are recorded and can be used as evidence during an investigation. If you are unable to get through, then it is possible to connect you with the CSS by calling number 02 or make a complaint with an employee on duty, who will forward it to the CSS independently.


Hotline number for all of Russia.

Comments and suggestions

Leave a review (5) 03.23.2019 Fedorov Alexander Anatolyevich Gratitude
On March 21, 2022, I had the need to contact the migration department in Tomilino, Moscow region. The issue was urgent due to the registration of my client at his new place of residence in this city. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the head of this department, Ruzanna Altanbekovna Ruzoeva, who showed maximum attention in promptly resolving our issue. This employee is distinguished by a high degree of professionalism, competence, and desire to help the applicant. Without bureaucratic delays, with a high degree of understanding of our issue, Ruzanna Altanbekovna provided effective assistance, delved deeply into our situation and the problem was solved. To be honest, we did not even expect that they would treat us this way and understand the need to resolve our request. We would be grateful to the higher management if they find the possibility of moral or other types of encouragement for the head of the migration department Ruzoeva R.A. I wish there were more such employees in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, responsive, caring, and without delay solving the pressing problems of citizens of the Russian Federation. With sincere respect, military pensioner, reserve colonel, Alexander Anatolyevich Fedorov.


Horror! It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach this number 8-800-222-74-47! FOR 10, A WHOLE 10 MINUTES I STAYED ON THE LINE WAITING FOR THE OPERATOR TO RESPONSE! CASUALTY AND MESS - FOR CHOICE! I wanted to know the status of my appeal, which I made through the Ministry of Internal Affairs website more than a month ago, but it is impossible to reach the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by phone! At the local level, they either transfer calls to each other, or even give me the numbers of departments that are incompetent in my matter! What about my application? I should have received the answer a week ago! And you can't find the ends!

01/24/2019 Sasha Does not answer

Didn't get through either. In general, all numbers are fine. It’s very frustrating when you need help and there’s nowhere to get information. Horror of course


Phones are inaccessible, the illusion of work...

06/02/2019 Almaz Samedovna Medzhidova I’m still waiting for communication with the operator!!!

I couldn’t leave the information, I got through, but the operator is still far away, I waited 3 attempts, each more than 10 minutes, I’m still waiting

Features of the claim

Main features of claims against employees:

  1. Anyone who believes that illegal actions have been committed against him can draw it up
  2. The complaint to the court must be in handwritten or typewritten form. It should also be understood that in the legal process the services of a lawyer are necessary.
  3. The claim must necessarily indicate the passport details of the applicant and the details of the structure to which the claim is sent.
  4. The appeal must include a full description of all facts of violation of the law against you. Everything must be described clearly and to the point.

It should be understood that there is no single application form. For each authority, the complaint has a specific type, but must necessarily include the points listed above.


Remember that the complaint must be drafted correctly . The higher up the hierarchy of organs you climb, the more formal it should be. It must not contain false information, or use street slang, jargon or obscenities . It is also not worth threatening a police officer or law enforcement agency - this will give you a reason to harm you legally.

The complaint consists of several parts:

  • Address – where and from where it is being submitted (don’t forget about your contacts so that you can receive an answer);
  • The problem is what happened, what made you write a complaint (as specifically as possible, indicating the full name and position of the offending police officer);
  • Demand - what do you want to happen next with the police officer or your problem;
  • Conclusion – list of documents, signature, evidence, date.

Sample complaint against the police.doc

Procedure for consideration

After checking the fact of filing a complaint, a certain decision will be made, of which the author of the application will certainly be aware. This type of notification will be sent by mail or email, but if the complaint indicated that you would like to receive the result of the consideration of the application in person, then in this case the result of the inspection can be collected from the organization to which the complaint was filed. If the author of the application is not satisfied with the results of the inspection, he can appeal the decision and appeal to a higher authority.

Looking for protection

In life we ​​often encounter injustice, deception, rudeness and insults. And sometimes we don’t know where to go with a complaint.

Below we publish a number of structures that were created to protect our interests.

This is a government structure that protects consumer rights.

There you can report the sale of a low-quality product or the provision of a low-quality service. In addition, Rospotrebnadzor considers cases related to sanitary standards and cleanliness in public places - be it the entrance to a house, a store or a cafe.

In our city, the Rospotrebnadzor branch is located at St. Address: 400131,

Answers on questions

Question: Is it possible to file a complaint against a local police officer for entering an apartment without permission?

Answer: Yes, you can. He has no right to enter the apartment without the permission of the residents. If a person does not want to open the door for him, then that is his right. However, in the following situations, the district police officer cannot be held accountable for breaking into an apartment: if he knows that a crime is being prepared there or has already been committed; if there are injured people in the apartment who urgently need help.

Question: Where can I complain about a local police officer if he is called, but he does not show up?

Answer: You can complain about the inaction of a local police officer to the head of the local police department. The complaint can be either oral or written, but it must be supported by evidence that the local police officer was called.

Question: Where should I go if a local police officer threatens me with physical harm?

Answer: It is necessary to write a statement to the prosecutor's office to hold the police officer accountable for exceeding official powers.

Question: Can I write a statement of claim to the court against the local police officer if the police and prosecutor’s office refused to consider the application?

Answer: Yes, you can, if as a result of the actions or inactions of the local police officer, you suffered material or moral damage. In Art. 10 of the Federal Law “On the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation” states that the decision made by the prosecutor does not prevent a person from going to court to protect his rights. Therefore, if you are confident that you are right and can provide the court with evidence of the district police officer’s guilt, then you can safely file a claim in court.

The law enforcement system in Russia is imperfect . Proof of this is the numerous complaints from citizens of the Russian Federation about the actions or inactions of local police officers.

If a peace officer does not respond to your call or written request, you can always complain about him to higher management, as well as to the prosecutor’s office and even the court if your rights were violated as a result of the inaction or unlawful actions of the district police officer.

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