One in 10 missing people is never found
What to do if a person goes missing: a detailed search guide from a lawyer
There are sad statistics in Russia: 200 people disappear every day. In addition to the missing, there are
What article of the Criminal Code provides for racketeering?
RACKET The foreign word “racket” appeared in the Russian language in the “wild” nineties of the twentieth century
Where to complain about debt collectors: how to write a complaint to the police via the Internet, sample
The problem of overly persistent collectors of overdue debts on the territory of the Russian Federation is growing. Despite
What to do if you find out that your teenage child is stealing
It is not customary to talk about this problem out loud. Parents, upon learning that their child is stealing, feel dismayed.
responsibility of police officers for violation
Responsibility of internal affairs bodies, investigative bodies and their officials
Police officers are government employees who are required to comply with applicable laws in the implementation of
Damage to property - how to write a statement correctly and where to submit it
Damage to property - how to write a statement correctly and where to submit it
Where to apply In general, applications for damage to property are accepted by three authorities, depending on the purpose
termination of criminal case
Grounds for termination of criminal prosecution - Article 27 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation (as amended on December 27, 2019, as amended on January 30, 2020)
Grounds for termination All grounds on which a court order for termination is issued
Documents were stolen: what to do? Report of theft. Document recovery
Theft is the most common type of crime in the Russian Federation, according to official data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They don't steal
it's robbery
What is the difference between theft and robbery and robbery? Basic distinctions and differences in responsibility
In Russian criminal law, theft, robbery, robbery are illegal acts against property. They
When did the Amendments to Article 228 Part 2 On Mitigation of Punishments Adopted in March 2021 Enter into Legal Force
Free legal consultation by phone: 8 This article (Chapter 25), according to the law, in its original
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