What does the “sun with rays and name” tattoo on the wrist of policeman Misha from “The Diamond Arm” mean?

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Despite the fact that tattoos appeared long before the existence of the prison regime, the widespread use of tattoos is associated with it. Initially, Zonov tattoos were made to designate violators, repeat offenders, and even Siberian convicts. However, over time, these concepts have changed significantly; in this article we will tell you exactly how.

Criminal tattoos and their meaning

Every tattoo you get in prison has a meaning. Moreover, it not only indicates the status of its owner, but can also mean the number of years of imprisonment, the reason for imprisonment and other information.

The most common tattoo options for convicts have the following interpretation:

  • Wolf is a leader, means independence;
  • Tiger - cruelty, hatred of justice;
  • The domes on the church indicate the number of “walkers”;
  • The cat is the original inhabitant of the prison, also a symbol of good luck and thieves;
  • Tattoo of the Mother of God is a talisman for juvenile prisoners;
  • Spider is a symbol of a thief;
  • The crucifix is ​​a sign of a criminal authority;
  • Runes or swastika - protest;
  • The rising sun is a symbol of freedom, and the rays represent the number of imprisonments.

The meaning of the same tattoo may differ depending on its location. For example, a star on the shoulder is a symbol of a thief in law; it can also mean the denial of prison laws, and stars on the knees mean love for freedom.

The meaning of a cross tattoo on the back in prison is strong will and disobedience; if the cross is a gambling cross, the wearer is a thief. The meaning of a cross tattoo on the knees differs according to the type of crucifixion and can mean both faith in God and a special worldview.

The meaning of the Sun tattoo for girls

Girls like everything related to beauty, mystery, and magic. The Moon is considered the patroness of all of the above. However, women often paint a drawing of the Sun on their skin. The meaning of the Sun tattoo for girls is rebirth, light protection, true strength.

There are realistic and tribal tattoo designs. The drawings are made in the form of ancient symbols and floral patterns, combined with inscriptions, patterns, and animals. The picture can be applied to any area of ​​the body - neck, shoulder, arm, back. Women's tattoos look elegant, original and gentle.

The meaning of Moon and Sun tattoos for girls is a romantic character, a penchant for philosophizing. The tattoo also shows that the wearer strives for spiritual and physical unity.

Prisoners have tattoo rings on their fingers

Tattoo rings are the most common tattoos in the criminal sphere. From the pattern on the fingers, it is easy to determine what caste the prisoner belongs to, what he was convicted of, where he was imprisoned, and even how he feels about law enforcement agencies and the world in general.

In some cases, a tattoo may indicate fatherlessness, birth in prison, and a first crime committed as a minor.

Italian phrases for tattoos

“Cercando in vero” – “I am looking for the truth.”

“Due cose belle ha il mondo: Amore e Morte” - “There are two beautiful things in the world: Love and Death.”

“Fu... e non e!” - “He was... and he is not!”

“Guai chi la tocca” – “Woe to the one who touches it.”

“II fine giustifica i mezzi” – “The end justifies the means.”

“La donna e mobile” – “A woman is fickle.”

“Senza amare andare sul mare” – “To wander the sea without love.”

"Senza dubbio" - "Without a doubt."

“Sono nato libero - e voglio morire libero” - “I was born free and I want to die free.”

Thieves tattoos on the back and shoulders

There are a number of specific thug tattoos that can be applied exclusively to the back or shoulders. On another part of the body, the same drawing can have a completely different meaning.

The most popular shoulder tattoo is the image of Jesus Christ, with the Bible in second place. The symbol of such a tattoo is twofold: in one case it means the religion of the prisoner, and if there is fire under the main part of the tattoo, it means that the person’s faith has burned out.

The main type of tattoo on the back are images of temples with domes. This tattoo is used to judge the number of times a prisoner has served: how many domes - how many times he has been in prison. Also, the image of the Virgin Mary is often used on the back.

The meaning of the Sun tattoo for men

The sun, which symbolizes a wise and fair person, as well as light and positive energy, is often chosen by men as a design to apply to the skin. The meaning of a sun tattoo for men is a talisman that brings good luck; unlimited power; positive changes in life.

The size of the tattoo may vary. This can be either a small picture on the forearm or a large picture on the entire back or chest.

The meaning of Sun and Moon tattoos for men is perseverance, overcoming obstacles, achieving goals.

The Black Sun indicates that the wearer belongs to neo-paganism. Nazis get this tattoo. The luminary is depicted on the chest/arm; only in this case will this sketch indicate the views of the owner.

Also, such a sketch may indicate that a person wants to expand the boundaries of consciousness. Tattoos are made by people who are interested in mysticism, who believe in phantoms and other fantastic entities and phenomena.

The Sun tattoo also has common meanings for men and women, here are the main features of a person:

  • sexual;
  • constantly learns something new and changes himself;
  • domineering;
  • smart;
  • started a new life;
  • spiritual, religious;
  • vigorous;
  • truthful, honest.

Tattoos on hands and knees

The main tattoos on the hands are located directly on the fingers. Tattoos on the phalanges of the fingers are the calling card of a prisoner. In addition, the outer part of the palm and forearm are often covered with tattoos.

The main theme of such drawings is religion. Therefore, the faces of Saints are most often depicted as an indicator of their belonging to a particular religion; crosses as a symbol of a criminal authority; the star of David, the crucifixion of Jesus, etc.

A knee tattoo is a symbol of the fact that a person is not ready to bend and literally kneel in front of someone. For example, if a criminal has stars on his knees, it means he loves freedom and refuses to obey the laws.

Who can get thieves' tattoos?

Thieves tattoos, like all others, have a classification. Authoritative tattoos can be worn by a person with a high status, acquired due to the severity of the crimes committed and existing connections in criminal circles. But this does not mean that the thieves’ stars can be filled by any imprisoned criminal who considers himself such. After all, for the stars of thieves in law, which are the most authoritative tattoos, if something happens, they can “ask”. That is, ask to tell about what action they deserved. Therefore, any thieves’ tattoos must be earned. The most popular among thieves' tattoos are images of a ring. This thief's sign can tell you how many years, where and for what the criminal was imprisoned.

Women's prison tattoos

Women's prison tattoos have much fewer meanings than men's, but in many ways they are similar. For example, women also get tattoos on their fingers to indicate that they belong to the thieves’ caste.

If a woman in the zone gets a tattoo of a rose, butterflies on her shoulder, or a female silhouette with a crown, this means that she has low social responsibility. The source of such tattoos is the lily mark on the shoulder, which was burned in medieval France to girls engaged in prostitution.

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