Sample complaint against a prosecutor to a higher prosecutor: sample, requirements, procedure for drawing up and form

  • January 2, 2021
  • Legislation
  • Natalia Kalinichenko

Any citizen of the country, as well as legal entities, have the right to protection if their legitimate interests are violated. The functions of exercising control over all government bodies and institutions are assigned to the prosecutor's office. This is where citizens should turn if their rights are violated.

If this body does not respond to the applicant’s appeal, then you can always file a complaint with a higher prosecutor about the inaction of the prosecutor’s office. A sample of this document is given in our article. This right is provided for by Federal Law No. 2202-1 of January 17, 1992, as well as by Order of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Russia No. 45 of January 30, 2013. When accepting appeals, authorized employees of the prosecutor's office are also guided by the requirements of Federal Law No. 59 of May 2, 2006.

Let's look at what a sample complaint against a prosecutor to a higher prosecutor looks like. It is advisable to study the sample carefully in order to draw up the document correctly.


It is recommended to file a complaint against a prosecutor with a superior prosecutor after familiarizing yourself with the legislation regulating the powers of these officials. It is necessary to understand that they do not consider all conflicts that have arisen between legal representatives and the applicant. The prosecutor has the right to the following actions:

  • exercising supervision over the correct implementation of the requirements of current legislation;
  • appealing legal acts that contradict the law;
  • initiation of administrative cases;
  • control over the observance of freedoms and rights of citizens;
  • exercising supervision over the activities of bailiffs;
  • consideration of applications and protection of the rights of victims;
  • representing the interests of individuals in civil proceedings;
  • initiation of proceedings on administrative violations;
  • control over compliance with legal requirements by law enforcement officials;
  • carrying out an audit of places of detention of prisoners;
  • conducting fact checks when receiving complaints from citizens about the actions or inactions of law enforcement officials.

The prosecutor also supervises the execution of sentences.

Area of ​​responsibility of the prosecutor's office

The prosecutor's office is a government body that oversees compliance with adopted legislation on the territory of our country. As part of their activities, employees of this department adhere to a number of laws, the key of which is Federal Law No. 2202-1 “On the Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation.”

The law establishes the main responsibilities of department employees:

  • monitoring compliance with legal requirements by executive authorities, law enforcement agencies and legal entities;
  • monitoring compliance with all rights and freedoms of a citizen enshrined in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, especially when carrying out operational and investigative activities with his participation;
  • consideration of citizens' complaints in case of violation of their rights.

In addition to their duties, like any government officials, prosecutors have a number of prohibitions. This is, first of all, a ban on participation in corruption schemes. Also, department employees are limited in running a business and other ways of generating additional income. This is done to eliminate situations of conflict of interest and abuse of official position.

In addition, prosecutors are prohibited from disclosing confidential or proprietary information or opening foreign accounts. There is also a limitation on the representation of third parties in the event of substitution. For improper performance of his work duties, an employee of the prosecutor's office may be subject to disciplinary liability.

The hierarchy of the prosecutor's office is quite simple. The city prosecutor's office (if there is one in your city) is subordinate to the district, and that, in turn, is subordinate to the regional one. At the same time, in small settlements there may not be their own body, and then the first level will be the district one. The regional prosecutor's office is subordinate to the general prosecutor's office, and this is an independent authority. The Prosecutor General is appointed by the President. The hierarchy should be known and observed when filing a complaint, otherwise the prosecutor's office to which it was received will return it to the correct authority, which will delay the consideration.

When can you contact your superiors?

If the prosecutor considering the case fails to act or makes decisions that give reason to believe that the guaranteed rights of the applicant will be harmed, then the latter has the right to appeal to higher authorities.

In fact, seeking help to restore justice is allowed in any situation. This may be a failure by the prosecutor to fulfill his immediate duties or a violation of the rights of a citizen in custody. At the same time, the appeal is not a basis for refusal to protect rights in court.

Any applicant must remember that it is possible to appeal against the actions or inaction of the prosecutor only if there is absolute confidence that he is right. It should be remembered that Art. 306 of the Criminal Code provides for liability for false denunciation.

Complaint against the prosecutor's office to a higher prosecutor's office

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the consideration of the issue, you will not be able to file an appeal directly to the court. You need to act in a hierarchical order. The document must be filled out in writing or on a computer; it can be submitted by registered mail, in person during the reception of citizens, or in electronic format. Such an official document can be sent by both an individual and an organization, an individual entrepreneur when considering a criminal or administrative case.

If the prosecutor's office is inactive, where to turn next? After going through all the authorities in this supervisory body, you can write an application to the court, and indicate that you have previously tried to resolve the issue in the order of hierarchy.

Common Causes

Most often there are complaints to a higher prosecutor about the prosecutor's inaction. This means that the official delays the deadlines provided for by law and does not carry out actions that need to be carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulations. However, there are no obvious reasons for the delay.

The second common reason is an unfounded refusal to accept a complaint. For such an action there must be grounds with reference to articles of law.

The third reason is violation of rights. When contacting the prosecutor's office, each applicant expects practical results. The person assumes that violators will be held accountable. But if this does not happen, then you will have to appeal the actions of the prosecutor. This category may include neglect of official duties, corruption, and extortion.

Types of violations

The work of the prosecutor is primarily based on supervision of:

  • execution of legislation (including the right to appeal certain legal acts);
  • respect for human rights and freedoms (including the ability to represent the interests of victims in court);
  • quality of work of law enforcement agencies (including compliance with the requirements of criminal procedural legislation);
  • correct implementation of laws in the field of execution of punishments.

Based on this, the main reasons for complaining about the work of the prosecutor’s office include the lack of this supervision, that is, failure to fulfill the official tasks assigned to the prosecutor. Most often, complaints arise against the backdrop of inaction by prosecutors: the application has not been accepted, there is no response to it, the deadlines for consideration have been violated, and so on.

Sometimes citizens are forced to complain about the prosecutor's office by the low moral qualities of the department's employees. We are talking about prosecutors who abuse their official position, extort money and demand bribes for performing their direct duties.

Where to contact

If there are violations on the part of an administrative employee of a district or city, then a complaint against the actions (inaction) of the prosecutor is submitted to the prosecutor's office of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation. The website of this body provides the opportunity to apply online.

If the responsible employees of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation did not help or refused, then the applicant has the right to file a complaint with the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation. However, you can appeal to this body only when all lower-level prosecutors have examined the complaint, but the applicant is not satisfied with the results.

The next authority where a complaint about the inaction of the prosecutor's office can be filed is the investigative committee. This body is called upon to investigate crimes committed. Unauthorized actions of employees of the prosecutor's office also apply to them.

The Administration of the President of the Russian Federation considers complaints against the Prosecutor General. This official is also obliged to act within the law.

The court has the right to consider complaints against the actions (or inaction) of prosecutors, based on Art. 125-125.1 Code of Criminal Procedure and Chapter 22 of the Code of Accreditation.

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  1. Julia
    03/01/2022 at 20:02 Hello, the bailiff has not been doing anything for a year, he is not looking for the debtor, he is not answering the phone, please tell me which court he will apply to the world or district court???
    Reply ↓ Anna Popovich
    03/03/2022 at 01:20

    Dear Yulia, the law allows you to appeal the bailiff’s decision in the order of subordination or challenge it in court. Both of these methods can be used in parallel or sequentially if the complaint in the order of subordination does not bring the desired result. Therefore, we recommend that you first contact the FSSP.

    Reply ↓

  • Arina
    12/25/2021 at 12:20

    Good afternoon ! Please tell me, after the child reaches 18 years old, for non-payment of debts + penalty, which court should I apply to, at the place of registration of the debtor, or where is the creditor registered? We plan to move to another region when the child is 18 years old.

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      12/27/2021 at 6:14 pm

      Dear Arina, you can do this in court, at a location convenient for you.

      Reply ↓

  • Arina
    12/23/2021 at 11:16 pm

    Good evening ! Through the court, I achieved payment of alimony in a fixed amount in March 2022. Before that, my ex-husband had already accumulated debts. I brought all the documents to the bailiff in March, to which I received the answer that they would count everything and make a new decision on the debts. Nine months have passed, no decree, no debt payments, child support is delayed. In six months the child will turn 18 years old. What should I do now? It is no longer possible or desirable to constantly go to the bailiff.

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      12/24/2021 at 03:06

      Dear Arina, if at the time of coming of age the father has arrears in child support, it will be paid after the child reaches 18 years of age. The bailiff does not have the right to close enforcement proceedings. You can complain about the inaction of the bailiff in the order of subordination (i.e. to a higher bailiff).

      Reply ↓

  • Zilya Mirasovna Iskuzhina
    12/23/2021 at 13:09

    The second day I can’t get through to the bailiffs, they won’t answer the phone

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      12/23/2021 at 19:43

      Dear Zilya Mirasovna, contact the Call Center of the FSSP of Russia using a toll-free multi-channel telephone number.

      Reply ↓

  • Anonymous
    12/15/2021 at 23:18

    The Elenma Magistrate's Court in my favor recovered the amount of 50 thousand rubles from the management company, but the management company immediately went bankrupt and we handed it over to the bailiffs, but for some reason they cannot collect the debt from the company that they were awarded, what should I do?

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      12/21/2021 at 17:41

      Dear author, please contact the bankruptcy trustee.

      Reply ↓

  • Soloviev Alexander Alekseevich
    10/13/2021 at 11:03

    Yekaterinburg Kunarskaya street * tel 8 * debtor Kim Tatyana Grigorievna has not paid the debt since May 2022, what should we do? We can’t get to the bailiff Shein

    Reply ↓

  • Olga
    10/11/2021 at 16:49

    Good afternoon. For a very long time (more than 10 years) the issue of the “honest” work of the bailiffs cannot be resolved...... The brother does not live with the woman, but pays alimony for the child... But she believes that this is not enough and complaints are constantly being written,..... Only the necessary certificates and documents will be collected ... Confirming that this is the case... Surely something is happening, the court is changing. The bailiff (more than one) does not have enough certificates... Etc. As a result, the case is half empty, it’s not realistic to put everything back together again. Nightmare. My brother lives in another city, not where he previously lived, asked for the help of a representative, drew up a power of attorney, sent money to go to court and represent his interests…. Alas, the second representative has already “leaked” to the phone. Did not answer…. As a result, it turns out that for two years she did not go anywhere; all the copies of certificates and originals that she had were also with her, but they were not there... For some reason, for more than two years, the case was not sent to the city where he now lives, they delayed.... The case arrived almost empty... During this time, they put him on the wanted list, he called himself, got in touch, it seems like he was removed from the wanted list, now a driving ban has been imposed (the only way to earn money) The amount of debt is not clear where it comes from…. There is so much more to tell... Tell me who to turn to for help. The guy is 38 years old and he is not hiding. Because of all the endless hassle, problems with his heart began. As a sister, I want to, but I don’t know who to turn to and help.

    Reply ↓

  • Victor Vladimirovich
    09.29.2021 at 12:11

    Dear Irina. I had one enforcement proceeding initiated by a local bailiff in 2015 at my place of registration and permanent residence in the regional center. in favor of SBERBANK. The second enforcement proceeding for another debt was initiated in 2017 by a regional bailiff from the department for special enforcement proceedings in favor of the burst JSCB PROBUSINESSBANK.. I did not live in the regional center, was not registered and did not have any property. Is it possible to return the second enforcement proceedings under the jurisdiction of local bailiffs at my place of permanent residence.

    Reply ↓

  • Gulnaz
    09/07/2021 at 15:39

    Good afternoon...I have paid all my debts and my debt is still not cleared...why is this??I went to the bailiffs and they promised that they would do it soon...time passes and the debt hangs...where can I file a complaint against the bailiffs for inaction?

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      09/07/2021 at 18:48

      Dear Gulnaz, complaints in the order of subordination are submitted in writing to the official of the Federal Bailiff Service, who is subordinate to the official whose inaction is being complained about. You can contact the FSSP via the online reception using this link and report the lack of progress on your case online.

      Reply ↓

    02.09.2021 at 19:21

    bailiff and art. The bailiff refuses to reduce the deductions from the pension (the only source of income - I receive -8000 rubles in my hands, the ambassador has a 50% deduction). And is the decision of the head of the FSSP Aristov to reduce the deductions from the pension to 20% valid? I bet I’ve been contacting the prosecutor’s office and the main office for half a year and there are only replies. what to do ? There’s not even enough money for food and not even enough money for a lawyer.

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      09/05/2021 at 19:50

      Dear Anatoly, you should submit an official written application to the bailiff service to your executor and justify the reason for reducing the withdrawn part of the pension or to the court. The bailiff can set the amount of withholding that takes into account the financial situation of the debtor.

      Reply ↓

  • Maksim
    08/26/2021 at 02:25

    Hello, I have the following situation: I have a bank debt of 11,500 rubles. The court issued a ruling in the city of Dobryanka and the bailiffs opened a case. The bank has now filed a lawsuit in Perm, and the bailiffs issued another case regarding this debt, but for 22 thousand rubles. I took out the documents from the bank as a debt in the amount of 11,500 rubles. The bailiffs send it to the bank, the bank back to the bailiffs. I wrote a complaint to senior management. Nothing changed. Tell me where to turn next?

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      08/26/2021 at 17:15

      Dear Maxim, one of the sheets is subject to cancellation (in court) or withdrawal by the claimant. If we understand you correctly, then there is one claimant, one subject, one amount, but if there are differences, then in this case an application is written to the senior bailiff to merge the individual entrepreneur.

      Reply ↓

  • Elena
    08/20/2021 at 21:58

    Hello, please tell me how and to whom can I write a complaint against the bailiff? After the decision to cancel the court order, the deduction continues under the individual entrepreneur and plus the salary account was seized, although deductions are made according to the Writ of Execution of 25%, because husband does not work and dependent minor child

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      08/23/2021 at 18:08

      Dear Elena, you can submit a complaint to higher management.

      Reply ↓
      09/01/2021 at 20:17

      Good afternoon Why don’t you inform that all statements and complaints on the joint venture website must be signed electronically? Don't you know about this? Then why are you giving out advice?

      Reply ↓
      Anna Popovich
      09/02/2021 at 15:06

      Dear author, this question was not asked by our readers.

      Reply ↓

  • Irina
    08/20/2021 at 09:37

    Good morning, I submitted documents for alimony to the bailiffs, I indicated all the data where the person works, I submitted it on July 15th, today is August 20th, the debtor is still not in the debtor database, I’m still waiting for the results, I need him to be in the database, to write an application for child benefit

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      08/23/2021 at 19:04

      Dear Irina, complaints in the order of subordination are submitted in writing to the official of the Federal Bailiff Service, subordinate to whom is the official whose actions or inactions are being appealed. You can contact the FSSP via the online reception and report the lack of progress on your case online.

      Reply ↓

  • Pauline
    08/16/2021 at 02:59

    Hello! I paid the debt in full and a week later the bailiffs seized all my accounts for the same amount. What should I do?

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      08/17/2021 at 01:10

      Dear Polina, file a complaint about the inaction of the bailiff in the order of subordination. If there is no reaction, then go to the prosecutor's office.

      Reply ↓
      09.29.2021 at 13:49

      Dear Anna, Money was illegally written off. Wed, the bailiff ignores the statements, the senior bailiff too. The prosecutor's office twice forwarded the complaint to the bailiffs, they completely ignored it and did not receive a single answer... The bailiff's answer is that I have 1000 more such cases, write another statement! How to get money back funds? Who compensates for the time and expenses spent?

      Reply ↓
      Anna Popovich
      09.29.2021 at 15:16

      Dear author, we recommend that you resort to judicial protection of your rights. A statement of claim to challenge the decisions, actions (inaction) of the bailiff is filed with the district court. Jurisdiction - at the place where the bailiff performs his duties. In accordance with Art. 1069 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, damage caused by illegal actions of bailiffs is subject to recovery.

      Reply ↓

  • Alexandra
    08/09/2021 at 19:53

    The bailiffs are closing the alimony case for the second time, without grounds, can I file a lawsuit? 2.5 years of sharing is a mockery.

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      08/10/2021 at 22:53

      Dear Alexandra, who do you plan to bring in as a defendant in the case?

      Reply ↓

  • Svetlana
    07/08/2021 at 13:02

    After undergoing extrajudicial bankruptcy, receiving a Notice of completion of the extrajudicial bankruptcy procedure for a citizen, what should be sent to the bailiffs - a statement or immediately a complaint that the individual entrepreneurs have not yet been closed since June 4, 2022?

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      07/08/2021 at 21:27

      Dear Svetlana, enforcement proceedings are completed by the bailiff from the date the court makes a decision to declare the debtor bankrupt and to open bankruptcy proceedings. You can contact the FSSP with a complaint.

      Reply ↓

  • Syetlana
    07/08/2021 at 12:04

    Hello! We went through the extrajudicial bankruptcy procedure through the MFC. On June 4, 2022, we received a Notification about the completion of the extrajudicial bankruptcy procedure for a citizen. We sent an application (letter) to the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service for the Altai Territory of the OSP of the Smolensk region and the city of Belokurikha, where they included the basis for closing the individual entrepreneur. To this day, the IPs have not been closed. How should we proceed with the bailiffs?

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      07/09/2021 at 00:12

      Dear Svetlana, please contact the higher management of the FSSP with a complaint.

      Reply ↓

  • Tatiana
    06/29/2021 at 08:53

    The bailiff returned the overpaid amount to the subsidy account that the employer opened for employees to eat on the premises of the plant. It is impossible to withdraw money from this account, and it is also impossible to transfer it. The dining room is not open. Now the money is in the account and I can’t do anything about it. The bailiff refuses to help me. What to do?

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      06/30/2021 at 20:17

      Dear Tatyana, file a complaint about the inaction of the bailiff in the order of subordination. If there is no reaction, then go to the prosecutor's office.

      Reply ↓

    06/20/2021 at 21:31

    Hello. On February 17, the court forcibly collected alimony from the ex-spouse of 1/4 of the income. The bailiff has not sent a writ of execution to the debtor for the 4th month, finding various excuses. The debtor also provided a fake income certificate of 21,000 but in fact the income 73-80000 per month. The bailiff, when asked to make inquiries about the debtor’s income, said she does not have such powers. The debtor also pays 5,000 alimony on his own, and calculates the amount himself. The bailiff, in response to my requests to send a writ of execution to the debtor’s organization and make a request, refuses .a complaint was written to the prosecutor's office against the bailiff, more than 10 days have passed, there is no answer. How long does it take the prosecutor's office to consider the complaint? And is it possible to punish the debtor for a fake certificate and concealment of income???

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      06/21/2021 at 18:52

      Dear Victoria, in accordance with current legislation, the total period for consideration of an application is 30 days. Regarding concealment of income, the law establishes criminal liability of the guilty person in accordance with Article 157 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

      Reply ↓

  • Alexei
    06/19/2021 at 15:42

    Hello. My alimony deduction is 50 percent according to the writ of execution, and according to the same writ, Sberbank deducts another 50 percent, as a result, I am left without a salary. Please tell me how this is possible and what to do?

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      06/19/2021 at 15:52

      Dear Alexey, in accordance with Article 99 of Law No. 229-FZ and Article 138 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, in order to pay off debt under writs of execution, more than 50% cannot be withheld from the debtor’s wages and other income. Contact the FSSP and insist on changing the terms of collection.

      Reply ↓

  • Rushan
    05/10/2021 at 01:23

    An acquaintance of a friend’s wife had this situation: she was traveling on a bus, an accident occurred, then the bus driver took the data from the passengers, and everyone left. Then after a while they called and asked are you so and so, yes they answered and hung up. And after some time, a paper arrived from the bank to pay off a loan worth more than a million rubles. Then in court they abolished this impunity, there is a paper, but in order to stop this proceeding you need to contact the bailiff service, but they do not accept them stupidly citing Kevin 19. And they are still collecting funds from the pension in the specified bank. How should they be

    Reply ↓

      Anna Popovich
      05/10/2021 at 12:11

      Dear Rushan, you need to file a complaint with the prosecutor's office. They will check the actions of the bailiffs and the bank.

      Reply ↓

  • Larisa
    09/15/2020 at 08:20

    Thank you very much for the information…

    Reply ↓

  • General requirements for application

    It is very important to know how to draw up a document correctly. To a large extent, his future fate depends on this. In this case, it is advisable to use the sample complaint against the prosecutor to a higher prosecutor. Samples of document preparation are provided in this article.

    You can contact senior management in any situation if state laws are violated. It is possible to file a complaint even in the event of a violation or infringement of the rights of third parties. The applicant can be not only a citizen or an enterprise, but also a workforce or representatives of a public organization.

    The applicant has the right to apply in any convenient form, but the most effective way remains the written version. In the latter case, the document must be submitted in two copies, one of which must be marked as received.

    Writing rules

    There are many options for sample complaints against a prosecutor to a higher prosecutor. A sample taking into account the specific situation that has arisen (infringement of rights, violation of the law, and so on) can be found on the official website of the authorities that deal with cases of this kind. However, there is no clearly regulated form of complaint. The main thing is to follow certain rules that are accepted in business correspondence when drawing up an appeal.

    The complaint must contain the following information:

    1. The name of the body where it is submitted. Otherwise it will not be considered.
    2. Information about the applicant, including address and telephone number.
    3. At the end of the application, a signature and the date of drawing up the document must be placed.

    No emotions should be present in the text. It is necessary to indicate only dry facts, supported by excerpts from current legislation. Any unconfirmed information may cause refusal of consideration. Profanity is strictly prohibited, as is slang.

    Required sections

    Despite the huge number of samples of complaints against a prosecutor to a higher prosecutor (a sample document drafting is also offered in our article), the text must necessarily have the following sections:

    1. Description of the facts of what happened.
    2. Explanatory part with links to regulations. It is desirable that facts be indicated that provide an understanding that the actions of the prosecutor contradict the requirements of the law or violate constitutional rights.
    3. A direct request, that is, what the applicant wants to receive in the end (bringing an official to justice or suppressing illegal actions).

    An appeal will not be considered if it follows that the applicant is trying to interfere in the investigation of a criminal case or in the supervisory functions of the prosecutor.

    The applicant has the right to attach to the complaint any documents that can confirm the facts stated in the text. The annexes must contain a copy of the previous court decision (if one was made).

    How to write an application, form and content, sample

    In order for the document to be accepted and your chances of a positive response to increase, you will need to draft it correctly. There is no exact form of official paper, but there are certain standards. The complaint states the following:

    • The name of the authority (for example, the Moscow City Prosecutor's Office).
    • Applicant's details, address at which he is registered, contact telephone number.
    • The circumstances of the incident indicating the full name of the official who violated your rights.
    • The essence of the complaint is a violation.
    • Request. This may include conducting an extraordinary inspection and eliminating violations of your rights. They are indicated separately, after the word “Please”, in a list.
    • A list of documentation that serves as evidence of a violation of the law.
    • Date and signature.

    It is advisable to indicate in the document links to legal acts regulating these legal relations. State your complaint in formal language, without colloquial or lengthy expressions. Obscene words and threats are not allowed. If you find it difficult to write an appeal yourself, contact a lawyer who will help you draw up a document in accordance with all the rules.

    The application must contain attachments that serve as evidence in the case. This can be photos and videos (filming of an on-site inspection), a copy of the act adopted by the lower-ranking prosecutor.

    Submission methods

    A complaint against a prosecutor to a higher prosecutor (a sample of this document is given in the article) can be filed in several ways:

    1. Contacting the prosecutor's office (through the office). Registration of the document must be carried out within 3 days from the date of submission.
    2. By post with acknowledgment of receipt and preferably with a list of enclosed documents. However, in this case you should not count on fast delivery or a quick consideration of the complaint.
    3. Using the appeal box, which is available at every government agency. Removal of letters should be carried out at least once a day.
    4. Orally, by calling the hotline of the prosecutor's office. As practice shows, this is the least effective method.

    There is also the option of submitting a complaint online. On the website of the prosecutor's office there is a section “Internet reception”, where there are subsections that allow you to select the authority where you need to contact. The Gosuslugi portal also provides the opportunity to send an appeal.


    A complaint against the response of the prosecutor's office to a higher prosecutor, a sample of which is presented below, must be considered within no more than 30 days. This is provided for by the requirements of Art. 5 Order of the Prosecutor General's Office dated January 30, 2013. This procedure applies to all citizens’ appeals (not just complaints about the prosecutor’s response).

    The countdown provided for in the instructions begins from the moment the request is registered. If additional verification of the information contained in the complaint is not required, the review period is reduced by half and is 15 days.

    The instructions also provide for shorter deadlines if the case requires an immediate response from a higher authority. In this case, the response must be prepared and sent to the applicant within 3 to 10 days. If a person makes a mistake and sends an appeal to the wrong address, then such a document is not returned, but is redirected to the correct recipient. The prosecutor's office must do this within 7 days of receiving the complaint.

    In difficult situations, when additional verification or clarification of facts is required, the review period may be extended, but not more than 30 days.

    Right to anonymity

    There are situations when people write a complaint to a higher prosecutor against the prosecutor’s decision. In the sample of this document (as well as other forms of application) there are columns in which you need to indicate information about the applicant. In fact, the law does not allow the submission of an anonymous complaint to the prosecutor's office. But there is one exception.

    The prosecutor's office is obliged to consider an anonymous appeal if the text contains information about an impending crime. If the applicant is concerned about the consequences, he can indicate his personal data, but put a mark that he does not want to make information about himself public.

    When can a refusal occur?

    We indicated above that a citizen can write a complaint against the prosecutor’s response. An example of it is given in the text. Complaints against a prosecutor's decision to a higher prosecutor are drawn up in exactly the same way. They are not always considered. The most common reasons for refusal include:

    1. The applicant's handwriting is so unclear that it is impossible to read the text. The refusal in this case must be sent within 7 days from the date of registration of the application.
    2. The complaint was submitted anonymously (except for the report of an impending crime).
    3. The message contains profanity, insults, and threats.
    4. They will not consider a complaint that is devoid of logic (it is impossible to understand from the text what demands are being made).
    5. The applicant was declared legally incompetent due to mental illness.

    The complaint will remain unanswered if its preparation requires the disclosure of state secrets.

    Termination of correspondence

    You need to know how to properly file a complaint against the prosecutor’s inaction. Even if all requirements are met, correspondence with the applicant may be stopped. This occurs if the appeal is sent again after it has been reviewed and a response has been provided. However, the second complaint does not contain new facts, information about the inaction or unlawful actions of the prosecutor.

    Regarding the termination of correspondence, the higher authority must send a response to the applicant within 40 days from the date of registration of the appeal.

    In what cases can you complain?

    The prosecutor's office was created to protect the rights of citizens. Authority employees perform supervisory powers related to compliance with laws. Sometimes prosecutors themselves break the law. Then there is a need to write a complaint. The right to draw up an act arises:

    • the law has been directly violated;
    • in a criminal case, the prosecutor is inactive or violations related to the exercise of control over the investigative authorities are discovered;
    • an unsubscribe was received in response to the request;
    • employees abuse their powers;
    • carrying out actions aimed at extortion;
    • the man's statement was ignored.

    In the above cases, you can file a complaint.

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