What does it mean to live according to concepts? Thieves' ideas. Prison jargon

Over the past few years, prison slang has become part of the everyday speech of many people. This happened partly due to the popularization of such a category of people as “gopniks”, partly due to the harsh conditions of the current reality, where ordinary laws often no longer work, but thieves’ laws are quite capable of instilling morality and hard work in a person. What does it mean to live according to concepts and is it really as bad as it seems? A lot of people are familiar with thieves’ ideas, and they also support them quite often. What are these people right about and what are they wrong about?

When did thieves' laws appear?

“Thieves” concepts were formed over quite a long time, starting from the 30s of the last century, when the authorities actively began to fight thieves and criminals, one after another putting them behind bars for even the slightest offense. In response to such aggressive actions of the state, criminals rallied into more organized groups, where there was a certain order and set of rules, violating which a person became a traitor. It was that period of time that influenced the formation of the basic laws of the criminal world. Everyone mainly traded in theft, for which they were sent to a zone where “brothers in mind” taught people to live according to concepts.

The so-called elite of the criminal world appeared - thieves in law, “their own” people in positions in law enforcement agencies, who, if necessary, “protected” their comrades, since they had great privileges and some connections in high circles, since thieves’ ideas do not allow cooperation with any government agencies.

The criminal world underwent many changes during the Second World War, when many prisoners went to the front to defend their homeland, for which they were nicknamed “bitches” and forever branded as traitors, therefore, after the Great Patriotic War, another war took place in Russia, this time between prisoners. One side explained to those who had gone to the front what it meant to live according to concepts, while the other, the so-called “bitches,” took the path of correction and collaborated with the administration. This order in the zone remains to this day.

Basic provisions of thieves in law

Anyone who has at least once encountered representatives of the criminal world is familiar with the concepts of thieves, since they underlie the behavior of any criminal. What does it mean to live according to thieves' concepts? This means following a number of rules, being an honest and decent person. Naturally, in their own circles.

Among the many laws, 7 main points can be identified, from which many others follow:

  1. Support "thieves' ideas." Stand up for your own people.
  2. Never, under any circumstances, cooperate with government agencies and law enforcement agencies. Do not testify, do not testify against yourself or someone else, do not admit guilt when convicted.
  3. Be honest with each other. All criminals are brothers, and betrayal in the family is unacceptable, otherwise the person will simply be oppressed or killed.
  4. It is important to constantly attract new members into your community. Preferably young people, since they are more capable and understanding.
  5. It is prohibited to engage in political activities. Not be a party member. Do not deal with documents, do not register at your place of residence, do not work.
  6. Maintain subordination, establish the power of thieves in law in zones, in pre-trial detention centers and correctional facilities. Authority in the criminal circle is gained by those who have more life experience, who have served time in prison more than once, periodically serve time in prison for crimes and do not work alone, and actively interact with those who are free.
  7. You definitely need to know how to play cards. Do not cheat in the game for money, you can get it for it.

Many other concepts follow from these concepts, for example, such as maintaining order in the zone, resolving conflicts, collecting tribute from those in prison, and so on. What does it mean to “live according to concepts”? Follow these rules if you manage to get into such a social circle.

What or who is AUE?

This abbreviation “AUE” appears quite often on the bodies of prisoners. Who are AUE people? These are people who adhere to the concepts of thieves, although they themselves have never been in prison.

The AUEshnik loves to show off his convict knowledge to other people. He constantly demonstrates a choice “fenya” in his everyday speech and always tries to act according to concepts.

AUE stands for: The Prison Order is One. As a rule, the AUE group includes young people aged 14-18 years. Usually these are people from disadvantaged families who have connections with people serving sentences in correctional institutions.

Such groups are implanted with a criminal worldview. They are extorting money from them to form a so-called common fund. For example, young AUE boys with their adult comrades extorted money from a schoolboy. He came to meet his father. They killed both on the spot, then they took the keys out of their pockets and went to their home, where they stole valuables.

Teenagers who consider themselves AUE hate the police and are not afraid to go to prison (many even believe that they are ready for prison. They call prison a second university). It doesn’t cost such people anything to hit a person without any reason.

First of all, for those in the know, the three letters AUE are a kind of identification mark. If a person knows what AUE is, then he supports thieves’ concepts.

AUE was invented by thieves in law as a kind of set of rules in the zone . Several years ago, criminals imposed their concepts on difficult teenagers from the provinces.

What do people do in prison?

Once in the zone, a person, one way or another, finds himself under the influence of generally accepted concepts, which he is obliged to observe, but at the same time he is allowed some freedom of action regarding his hobbies, as long as it does not offend others. In prison, many authors wrote their books, composed poems, most “prisoners” have their own hobbies, and, as a rule, no one meddles in the affairs of others, but if he says something against someone else, he will get what he deserves for it , because “you need to be responsible for the market.” In general, most criminal phrases have a deeper meaning than it might initially seem. The prison administration is also familiar with thieves’ concepts, and it will not be possible to “leave” through legislation. Since concepts exist in parallel with laws, and sometimes are even placed above laws, therefore, in order to survive in this habitat, it is necessary to feel the boundaries that cannot be crossed.

There are also two types of colonies. Some do not work and are on unpaid leave, while others prefer to do some kind of work. On the territory of the prison there may be entire workshops for sewing clothes, baking bread and much more. In general, it is “dirty” and thankless work.

How concepts work

It should be borne in mind that in everyday life and in prison jargon the concepts are often radically different from what thieves on the street mean. Society actively borrows some words from prison jargon, blurring the entire original meaning of the coined terms. People serving sentences actually have a completely different language; they speak mostly jargon, and they remember what it means to live according to the concepts in the zone in the first months of their stay in the colony.

Why is there such a word “concept”? What is the original meaning of it? The concept - because it should be clear to everyone. If a person begins to “push forward” a long philosophy and try to convince someone that he is wrong, using concepts and turning facts upside down, roughly speaking, “pouring water” and “powdering one’s brains,” then the matter is unclean. Long rants are not typical for people who live by the concept that the simpler the explanation, the better.

These laws work in prison because there is a need, but by what concepts do the “gopniks” who have never been in prison in their lives live? The answer is very simple: according to people. Acting like a human means not exposing loved ones, not stealing, and respecting your family and mother. Some “gopniks” for some reason still prefer not to work under any circumstances, and not at all because they fight the system and the state so much, but because there is such a concept. Or they have vaguely heard about this.


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] 1. As Bogdan Titomir said: “Don’t smoke or drink, the rest will catch up!” Believe me, it's true. Don't even think about drugs at all.

2. Never, except in the most difficult circumstances, take on debt. Not for a business, not for a car, not for a mobile phone, not for a gift for a girl. No money - look for other options or give up altogether. Credit is the first and biggest step towards poverty. If you already took it, give it back as soon as possible and don’t take it again.

How to communicate with such people

The so-called “gopniks” are people who live according to concepts. These are mainly young people who are close to the criminal world or have a direct connection to it. But most often, criminal behavior has nothing to do with the attitude of these people to the world of thieves; in other words, they borrow someone else’s jargon and use it as they see fit. If you ask them what it means to live according to concepts, the answer may be indistinct muttering and a weak explanation of their views. The fact is that thieves’ ideas are different and people interpret them in their own way, which creates certain disagreements, and each person may have his own concepts. So what concepts do Gopniks live by in the end? Their blurred view of the world and discipline often has nothing in common with organized crime and the hierarchy that exists in the criminal world.

When conducting a dialogue with representatives of this social stratum, you should be careful in your expressions, and, in principle, not talk too much. To the question: “By what concepts do you live?” the answer is quite obvious: according to human ones, like all people. Any unnecessary word can provoke a conflict.

Another rather favorite question: who are you in life? The main thing here is not to start mumbling and answer clearly, to make it clear that you can stand up for yourself. The more insecure a person behaves with representatives of this group, the easier it is to make a victim out of him.

You have to be responsible for the market

How to properly communicate with those who speak the sharp language of AUE and can squeeze things out of you, and then completely fuck you off. This is not about the situation, you always at least need to think with your own head, and I will usually write how it happens, because I watched a lot of videos and articles, and then compared everything with real life, now I have summarized it and will write an article. 1) They shout at you, like: “hey guy, wait a minute.”

You stop and turn around, there is no turning back, or yank your pedals until you give up your pussy if you are afraid, but there is no need to be afraid, they notice it.

2) They will extend their hand to you, but don’t shake it, don’t, a decent guy doesn’t shake hands with strangers.

Questions may follow, I will write almost everything, the questions will be in different sequences, and you can learn it, I can’t predict what the “aueshnik” will say.”

Who are you in life?

I'm a decent guy.

A-what is your integrity?

Y-I’m not fucking, not disgusting, not trashy.

A-explain how you understand this?

I’m not a fucking mincemeat, I help my family, I don’t cheat on my friends, I’ll help in any way I can when asked, I don’t hand over others to the cops, I’ll solve my problems myself, without the cops.

(my opinion right now was most likely correct)

A-okay, are you specific?

I'm a specific guy.

A-what is your specificity?

I’m specifically responding to your interest.

Oh good. (further riddles from the zone may follow; you can find the answers to them freely on the Internet)

After answering:

What concepts do you live by, human ones or thieves’?


B-according to human standards, I COMMUNICATE (and if you are 18 years old, then say LIVING)

A-and what do you understand - human concepts?

Q-(Here everyone has their own concepts, but since I talked with a prisoner and almost got my pussy kicked for what I said about human things, I will write what he said, correctly, according to him)

I-I don’t hit just like that, I help my family and the elderly, I bring goodness into the world, I don’t humiliate and I don’t say bad things about a person behind their back, I don’t have any problems with me.

A-okay, do you have a dick?

I-I'm a boy, I have a dick.

A-how% sure are you that you have a dick?

A-justify for every 1% percent.

(this is some kind of mathematical bullshit with them, so answer more simply)

Do you doubt my words?

A- (there may be 2 options here)

Well, then let's move away, I'll show you my dick.

2. No, I have no doubt.

Then there is no interest.

That's it, next or instead of dick there may be a question about % with decency.

There is rather one option, but it is important to catch up with the gopnik.

A-how % decent are you?

A-justify for every 1%.

Who are you? We don’t know each other.

I-I explained everything to you before, I think you’re not deaf, but who are you?

A-(he will say, and then start lashing out at him the same way he did before)

After this “battle” there can be 3 options:

1) he will say his name, or ask to meet you and extend his hand to you, then you can shake your “paws” and leave.

3) he will attack, but in the eyes of his “comrades” he will be a devil, but for that you will preserve your honor and dignity.

Always be vigilant if you stay in his company for a while, both verbally and physiologically.

Never make excuses, never doubt, never use swear words, don’t get into a fight.

They ask the suckers, if he uses obscenities, for example “whore”, then say “you saw the whore in me”, he will say “either no, or he will make excuses”, if not, then call him a pussy and that he is for his doesn’t answer words, and if he makes excuses, then say: “why are you making excuses, you see a mess behind you, have you done something?”, if he says, “no,” then call him a cunt and say that those who make excuses are those who did something fucking stupid , nasty or garbage.

In the end, I will say, all this can happen to you, improve your fighting skills, communicate with people who know about AUE, level up, then they may not approach you at all.

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